CAD and 3D printing

Idea Developement

Computer Aided Design or CAD for short has been a standart in jewellery industry for many years now.

It helps with rapidly developing ideas, amending them and creating multiple variations and streamline the process of production.

With many years of experience in CAD software like Rhinoceros, Zbrush and Blender, I gained in-depth knowledge and expertise in creating designs for others and adjusting them for printing and CNC processes.

Engagement ring with diamonds
Two chain links printed in wax, render

CAD Process

Occasionally my work is designed in 3D software and only gets printed in nylon and hand painted with textile dies. Technology gave me more opportunities to create and explore my skills and design capabilities which makes me able to work faster, in more volumes, and transfer my designs internationally easier than ever. Being just a craftswoman isn`t enough anymore and I am happy that Photoshop, Illustrator, and Rhino have come into my practice in the last few years.

Two chain links printed in wax, render

3D prints

These chain links with Latin inscriptions were 3D printed and cast in gold as per customer specification.

3D printing usually uses waxes or resins for the process to get a smooth result with high resolution.

Exploring Designs

If you are interested in renders only, I provide them too, sometimes it`s nice to see the idea before it becomes reality.

I can also render and Photoshop jewellery on the pictures you provide, just make sure your photos are high enough resolution for me to work with.


Two tone ring design with wave
Two gold rings, one rendered  and the other one made

From Start to Finish


From a 3D model to a finished product.

This ring used recycled gold, diamonds, and rubies from clients’ heirlooms.

Inspired by the seas surrounding her home country of Scotland.

And that is the final sketch for now in my collection, I will be adding more soon once I get the chance to edit the pictures.

My processes can start with hand-drawn or found objects and manipulate them in CAD like this bracelet. So far it is only in my file folder but soon will be printed and hand-coloured!

Gradient necklace sketch