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Portrait of Sandra Zinkute

About ME

My creative passions have taken me to the most interesting and inspiring places. Through my curiosity and exploration, I have made my goal to make this world a more colourful, joyful place. From the open waters of the Baltic sea to Scottish Munros and vibrant cities my work combines the experiences and materials together to bring something new and exciting. I hope you enjoy the ride with me and have fun!

Sandra Zinkutė



What I Make


Wearable art and unique designs combining upcycled materials and traditional craftmanship.

Silver ring with swirl on top


Inspired by geometry and minimalism, rings collection explores wearability and creative designs in precious metals.

Ingenium earrings, blue and white gradients, with white and gold oval on top with silver studs


Lightweight silver earrings with a whole palette of colours and shapes allowing the most inventive ways of wear.

Exclusive COllection

Nebulae Inspired Colours and Jewellery
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Summer ’21 Collection

Pink and yellow large size pin on the left, dark violet and white pin, and mint and pink large size pin on the right
S shaped universe violet colour earrings with silver findings
What I do

Handmade Jewellery Crafted With Love

The unexpected shapes of the natural world with the colours that subtly surrounds us every day.  My jewellery is a fusion of passion for the world, traditional craftmanship and creativity for novelty.

Custom orders

How It Works


Chat With Me

You can contact me on any social media you prefer! Let me know how I can help you.


Material Selection

All of the work is created from recycled or reused materials as much as it is possible.


Have a Design in Mind?

If you have something you would like custom made or adapted for your taste, get in touch!


Limited Edition Jewellery 

A lot of end of the line collections

To keep things exclusive and to never be bored with my work, all of my collections come in small batches and then are never repeated again!

Shop while they last, once theyre gone theyre gone for ever.